3 Hours. 6 Final Images.
0 Disappointments.

Jimi Sweet’s 360 Portfolio Package.

My 360 Portfolio Package is designed around each model’s needs. Your current portfolio is taken into consideration in order to update it with fresh photos that will expand your client base. For new models, a plan is put in place that will create a number of looks designed to attract an agent in your target marketplace.

The 360 Portfolio Package includes a 30-minute in-person consultation, a 3-hour photo shoot, an online web gallery of proofs, a 30-minute in-person review session, and six (6) color-corrected and retouched Final Images. Color-corrected and retouched Final Images will be delivered within ten (10) business days as both web-ready RGB JPEG files and print-ready RGB JPEG files.

It’s simple: 3 hours, 6 final images, and 0 disappointments.

The 3-Step Process.

The consultation.

We will meet at a mutually convenient location to discuss what you would like to accomplish with your photo session. We can review your current portfolio, and you can bring reference photos or vision boards. I can provide referrals for hair stylists, makeup artists and/or wardrobe stylists that you may wish to hire for your photo session. If you haven’t made your payment online, I will also collect your non-refundable deposit of $180.00.

The photo shoot.

The photo session itself will be laid-back, calm and fun. Feel free to bring a friend, and don’t forget to bring your iPhone to connect to the Bose digital music system. You can bring up to four (4) different looks with you, and you’ll be able to use the studio’s clothes steamers and wardrobe racks to help you get your clothes looking perfect.

We will shoot anywhere between 200-800 frames, and we’ll review the shots as we go to make sure the shoot’s going in the right direction.

The final images.

After your photo session, you will receive a web link where you can review all of the images that we’ve shot as low-resolution watermarked proofs to determine which images you’d like to have color-corrected and retouched.

As part of your 360 Portfolio Package, you can select six (6) pictures to be color-corrected and retouched. If you’d like to order more than six (6) pictures, they cost only $45.00 each*.

When the color-corrected and retouched Final Images are ready, you will receive high-resolution RGB JPEG files. If you’d like me to have prints made from your photo session, I can help with that, also.

Terms and Conditions

The value of this 360 Portfolio Package is $840.00. This includes the photo session fee ($300.00), and 6 retouched and color-corrected Final Images ($90.00 each).

Due to the nature of this promotion, a non-refundable deposit of $180.00 must be made in full before the photo session is formally booked. Once your photo session has been formally booked, there is a $25.00 fee to reschedule your session.

If you would like to book a location of your own choosing, there may be an additional fee to cover the costs of transporting me and my gear to and from the location. Feel free to discuss this with me.

My fee covers photography only. I will gladly recommend hair stylists, makeup artists and/or wardrobe stylists, and their fee(s) will be negotiated and paid independent of my fee.

Special thanks to: Jeancarlo Herrera, Adeos Yeboah, and Ondre Glasco.